Baseball & Baking

Baseball sugar cookie for Opening Day.  Go Bucs!

Baseball sugar cookie for Opening Day. Go Bucs!

Just a quick post today to celebrate America’s favorite pastime and my favorite pastime:  Baseball and Baking.  Chloee and I used our leftover sugar cookie mix to make Wyatt surprise baseball cookies for after school!  We have the Pirate’s game set to record so tonight we can all watch it together!  (Please don’t spoil it for us!! hehe)  Wyatt is a big Andrew McCutchen fan and LOVES the Pirates.  I love that he loves the Pirates as much as I did as a kid.  I was always a Pirates fan!  Jay Bell was my favorite player.  We would wait forever after the games so we could catch him leaving and get his autograph (Which we succeeded many times :))   Anywho, this post is to celebrate baking and the good old Pittsburgh Pirates.  We will see you soon PNC park! (6 days whoop whoop!)  PLAY BALL!

Sugar Cookie Recipe:

Buttercream Icing:

*We rolled the cookie dough out and cut circles with a glass cup.  Baked them and then used a butter knife to ice the cookie (little kids are great at this!)   Next, we used the Wilton’s 5 tip in a Ziploc bag to draw on the seams of the baseball.  Then, we taste-tested them!!!  YUM.  Nothing better than simplicity.

Who are you rooting for this season??


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