1 Mississippi

There was no doubt the love she had for her grandbabies.

There was no doubt the love she had for her grandbabies.

1 Mississippi.  This is how I measured a second when I was a kid.  Seconds are constant.  It rolls into minutes, then to hours, then to days, then to weeks, then to years.  Most seconds go unnoticed.  But, sometimes that second that you think is unimportant just may be the most important moment of your life.  Those seconds can change you, instantly.  It took a mere 3 Mississippi’s to change our life, our family’s life.  No notice, just time ticking, staying constant and rolling into minutes as we are left faced with an eternity of what-ifs, whys, hows, and grief.

We lost another great woman, wife, mother, grandmother, aunt and friend yesterday to those seconds.  She was a young 55, too young.  Those 14 hours in the hospital following those drastic seconds put life in to perspective.  I find myself constantly telling my kids: “One second” “In a second” Just wait a second”.  What if I don’t get that “one second” again?  That second may pass me by, turning into days, weeks, months and years-of regret.  Will I regret that one second I missed to watch my son play Minecraft?  Or will I miss that one second to rock my daughter’s baby doll to sleep?  Or will I miss that one second to feed my youngest son his bottle?

Those seconds have changed all of our lives in one way or another.  We will always be missing a part of our family.  Seconds will keep ticking, as if nothing happened.  Eventually, the seconds will drag into years.  The void will still be there, but my mother-in-law got to spend 31,558,152.96 x 55 seconds on this earth.  And with that time, she was able to bless so many people with her being, including me for the past decade.  May she rest peacefully in heaven and continue to bless us from above.  Much love to my mother–in-law, Karen.

Continue to watch over your grandbabies.

Continue to watch over your grandbabies.  Rest peacefully.  ❤


One thought on “1 Mississippi

  1. This writing was so touching. I often wonder how my grandchildren would remember me if I were gone tomorrow. My father passed away at age 57. My son was 10 years old, my daughter was 6 years old. As you said, “WAY to young.” I know you will hold your loved one’s memory close in your heart. God Bless You and your family.

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