1 Mississippi

1 Mississippi.  This is how I measured a second when I was a kid.  Seconds are constant.  It rolls into minutes, then to hours, then to days, then to weeks, then to years.  Most seconds go unnoticed.  But, sometimes that second that you think is unimportant just may be the most important moment of your […]

Chocolate Buttercream

Who doesn’t like LOVE chocolate?!  Ok…I don’t really LOVE it…and neither does my husband…or my mom…or…I could go on.  Silly, I know.  But, this frosting seems to make everyone LOVE chocolate.  It’s silky-smooth texture melts ever so delicately in your mouth.  And, it’s simple to make.  It’s just like making a regular buttercream icing, but you add cocoa.  Not too hard, […]

Easy Meatloaf

Need a simple meal for this coming week?  Before you head out to the store this weekend, make sure you have all the ingredients for this meatloaf recipe.  Don’t worry, there’s not many ingredients!  This is one of my kids (AND Husband’s) favorite dinner.  I have tried many, many, many variations (and many overly complicated […]

Strawberry Delight

Need a quick, no-bake dessert for Easter dinner this weekend?  Or a graduation party?  Or a family reunion this summer?  This recipe is perfect for all your events this spring and summer!  This Strawberry Delight is a quick, refreshing, no-bake dessert.  It is great for cookouts!  I know the weather here is finally warming up, which means […]

Cinnamon Rolls

Aren’t cinnamon rolls such a treat?  Cinnabon cinnamon rolls were always a favorite of mine growing up.  We don’t have a Cinnabon locally, but when we would go shopping in Pittsburgh my mom and I would end our trip with a gigantic, cinnamony, delicious, Cinnabon cinnamon roll.  But guess what?  Making cinnamon rolls as delicious […]

Beat the Clock: Crock Pot Chicken & Stock

I love baking, but I also cook everyday most days.  I hate spending hours cooking so I always look for the short and sweet recipes.  Nothing fancy, but tasty!  I know we all live crazy lives and busy schedules, so sometimes a crock pot meal can really help us out.  As Spring approaches for my family our […]

Pepperoni Rolls: Almost Heaven

I was born and raised and still reside in the wonderful state of West Virginia. To me, it’s home and it’s beautiful. There’s nothing more amazing then to witness the four season’s of our state and to munch on a pepperoni roll. Many may ask “what is a pepperoni roll?” This is a common question, as […]

Crazy for Caramel

When my mom came over tonight and started cleaning the kitchen I knew what she was wanting…CUPCAKES!  (Hehe, although she says she was just being a good mom.)  Either way, she got her cupcakes!  These cupcakes are made-from-scratch cupcakes.  Unlike my other cupcakes that use doctored up cake mixes.  I’m still not a huge fan […]