Crazy for Caramel

When my mom came over tonight and started cleaning the kitchen I knew what she was wanting…CUPCAKES!  (Hehe, although she says she was just being a good mom.)  Either way, she got her cupcakes!  These cupcakes are made-from-scratch cupcakes.  Unlike my other cupcakes that use doctored up cake mixes.  I’m still not a huge fan […]

Filled with Love & Strawberries

Remember those fresh strawberries we blogged about earlier?  Yup, we did more with them!  We made a white cupcake with a strawberry filling and a buttercream icing (YUMMMM!)  To those who have attended our kids birthday parties, you may know that strawberry filled cupcakes were the FIRST ‘real’ cupcakes I ever made.  It started back in 2011 […]