Strawberry Delight

Need a quick, no-bake dessert for Easter dinner this weekend?  Or a graduation party?  Or a family reunion this summer?  This recipe is perfect for all your events this spring and summer!  This Strawberry Delight is a quick, refreshing, no-bake dessert.  It is great for cookouts!  I know the weather here is finally warming up, which means […]

Filled with Love & Strawberries

Remember those fresh strawberries we blogged about earlier?  Yup, we did more with them!  We made a white cupcake with a strawberry filling and a buttercream icing (YUMMMM!)  To those who have attended our kids birthday parties, you may know that strawberry filled cupcakes were the FIRST ‘real’ cupcakes I ever made.  It started back in 2011 […]

Nothin’ Short of Ahmazing-Strawberry Shortcakes

FINALLY!!!  Strawberries aren’t $1000/lb!!  I know that’s exaggerating just a little, but sometimes it feels like I’m paying an arm and a leg for fresh produce.  So, I get excited every year when strawberries start coming back into season.  That means lots of yummy desserts and drinks (smoothies and milkshakes!)  How about this recipe for […]